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AdU CAES: A Brief Recap

College of Agriculture & Environmental Science of Adigrat University (AdU) is one of the six colleges presently in effect. Currently the college comprises the following five departments:

  • Animal production and technology
  • plant sciences
  • Natural resource management
  • Environmental sciences and
  • Horticulture
  • In addition, the college has post graduate program in Animal nutrition.

The guiding principle of College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences is its overall mission being elaborated in the light of national and international developments and visions. The overall mission includes advancement of agricultural sciences, service provision to the agricultural community and dissemination of scientific (agricultural) knowledge, skills, values, etc. To pursuit its mission the college has objectives including imparting agricultural knowledge, skills and values through teaching various agricultural and related disciplines, advancement of agricultural science by generating new scientific knowledge through applied and basic research, disseminating agricultural knowledge through extension services, publications, promotion, etc. The College’s teaching and research direction is underpinned by the broader policy frameworks of the country in agriculture and rural development, resource management, and environment thereby to position Adigrat University by leveraging its competencies to boost human resource development to support its mission. Currently, the college is practicing a modular approach educational system which has been harmonized at national level to put in practice as of 2012/2013 academic year.

The college starts the teaching learning process with 127 students by the modular system. Modularization is a competence-based educational system which mainly focuses on learner-centered approach. It is believed to increase the degree of comparability and compatibility, curriculum flexibility, and student mobility. It also strengthens the relationship between the world of education and the world of work. Hence, you are lucky enough to be the pioneer beneficiaries of the modular approach educational system. Currently the college has about 927 under graduate students and 10 post graduate students. The College shares the following key pillars of the university: learner-centeredness; being a research-driven college; knowledge transfer and networking, gender mainstreaming and quality assurance.


The mission of the College is stated as follows:

  • Training professionals so as to raise the agricultural skill and knowledge base and satisfy the trained manpower needs of the nation and the region.
  • Conducting demand driven research that is focused on the nation’s agricultural problems so as to contribute to increasing production and productivity, protection and management of natural recourses and improving the livelihood of the rural population by introducing adaptable and appropriate agricultural technologies and management practices.
  • Providing community services for governmental and non-governmental agricultural organizations as well as providing direct and indirect outreach services to the smallholder farming communities, pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the region and its neighbor regions.


The College aspires to be center of excellence in agricultural and environmental training and research in the world.

Strategic Initiatives

The strategic initiative of the college is to have a role in ensuring food security and agricultural transformation in the country

Strategic Objectives

To produce agriculturalists having role in the economic development of the country and agricultural transformation and brings food security.

Activities broadly revolve around:

  • first activity; teaching and learning process to produce higher agriculturalists (in B.Sc and M.Sc degree)
  • second activity; carrying out research and community service, to enhance the productivity of our farmers and ensuring modern agriculture in our country
  • third activity; income generating by establishing different farms in our university besides the teaching and learning process, research and community services

 Contact Info:

  •  Aregawi Hailay (MSc)

  • College Dean

  • Block 133 | Room 11 Adigrat University

  • P.O. Box 50 Adigrat, Tigray ETHIOPIA

  • Direct: +251914783778 | Fax: +251344452170/23/15

  • Email:

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Adigrat University IP Telephone Services

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