NEW VACANCIES for 2008EC/2015

Adigrat University Vacancy Announcement for Academic Positions for 2008EC Posted on 13/07/2015

Adigrat University announces academic vacant positions for the 2008 EC with intention of recruiting competent Ethiopian candidates who have terminal degree (PhD), Masters Degree (MSc/MA) or First Degree holders (BA/BSc). Please note that candidates with higher degrees in the same/similar field will be given a priority without competition with those having lower degrees. All applicants who want to join the University need to have strong interest and high motivation for teaching, should be ready and committed to apply continuous assessment with continuous feedback, modular and student centered teaching-learning approach, and be keen for the one to five staff and students networking approaches. They should be also ready to carry out research and undertake community service undertakings. Applicants must submit all their genuine academic credentials (stated below) to the Adigrat University’s Human Resource Directorate Office in person or via a representative within two weeks time starting the date of publication of this announcement on the Ethiopian Addis Zemen Gazetta for the fields listed on the excel file on the University website. Application is possible as of the date of appearance of this notice on the University’s website The list of screened candidates and the date of interviews/exams will be posted on the University website:

Download Detail information in excel format.

All applicants should submit the following documents (and beware of):

  1. Application letter (duly signed), curriculum vitae (with a scanned photo)
  2. Copies of all academic credentials (all degrees & student copies, other relevant documents if any) and two letters of support from previous advisors and/or employer/s (if possible) and clearance from current employer or evidence from Kebele indicating that the applicant has no job (Clearance, though mandatory, is required after the candidate is given final acceptance from the University)
  3. Pre-screened BSc/BA shall be prepared for interviews and/or enterance exams; and MSc/MA & PhD holders shall make ca. 20 minutes PPTon a topic related with their field of study, and all candidates should score a pass result to qualify for the recruetment.
  4. As per the Adigrat University Legislation, candidates shall meet the minimum first degeree (BSc/BA) CGPA minimum requirement and age limits.
  5. In some fields, only higher degree holders may be required as candidates. There might be also preferences for certain specializations within those stated as general fields/departments.
  6. The stated numbers may vary (decrease, increase, ignored or remain unchanged) depending on the number of new academic staffs to be assigned by the FMoE, the final number of students to be assigned to the university and/or the number of academic staff who might leave for their further studies or may join back finishing their study etc.
  7. The announcement of candidates who will be screened for exams/interviews/seminars is expected to be delayed for some time due to the above listed considerations, and hence candidates need to have the petience & follow up the University website regularly and/or contact the respective departments
  8. In case large number of candidates might show up for a vacancy, a cutpoint based on a higher CGPA might be considered to make the number of candidates managable
  9. For the fields for which no candidate/s is found or enough candidates could not be obtained, this vacancy may continue at least until the end of the 2008EC first semester
  10. Applicants who want to join the university on transfer basis for the vacancies shall also applly within the specified time and are required to fulfill the requirements (they could be excepmted for academic credentials if it is not avaialable with them). If they passed the exam/seminar, a transfer letter will be written to their universities for clearance immediatly
  11. Applicants must be ready to enter into a contract with the university not to request for any leave (except for vertical study leave, horizontal study leave is not allowed at all times) before they render a minimum of 2 years service to Adigrat University. Those who are accepted on transfer basis but having obligations from their university or the FMOE shall be ready continue their obligation with Adigrat University.
  12. The University will not cover any expense/s for candidates who come for employment. The date of employment (payment of salary and other benefits entitled for University academic staffs such as housing allowance etc) of a qualified candidate is considered to be the date of approval of the employment by the University Senate.

Expatriates or Ethiopians who are currently abroad can contact the university through the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a prescreening consideration by sending scanned academic credentials but only if they can show up for the final interviews/exams/seminars. We did not accept email applications from within Ethiopia for administrative reasons. Further queries/comments/suggestions etc can be sent to this email for elaboration. Please follow the progress of the employment at the university website described here.

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